General Registration Information

KCam registration requires a license key to unlock the shareware settings. Once you have entered your license key, your current copy of KCam and future versions of KCam 4.xx will be fully functional. To receive a license key you must purchase KCam by using one of the two methods.  Either use the PayPal button or the USPS mail option found on the on the Purchase web page.  You will then be emailed your personal license key and can enter it in KCam. To enter the license key, run KCam and select the Registration button in the Help/About window. In the Registration Name and Registration Code entry boxes, type the information emailed to you. The information must be typed exactly as it was sent to you or it will not work. The Registration name and Registration Code must match exactly to unlock the program. Please save the Registration information for future use. If you change computers or upgrade your operating system you will need it again.


What do I get for Registering KCam?

Gcode file size if increased from 500 to 900,000 lines of code.

Gerber Isolation file size is increased from 100 to 10000 polygons.

You can Save Gcode files from import conversions.

No nag screen when starting KCam.

Email support priority over non-registered users.

Free upgrades for 4.xx versions of KCam made available for download.

What don't I get after Registering KCam?

No hard copies of Software or Manuals are available, only online downloads.

No 24 hour Phone support or even 8 hour, only email support is available.


Who should register KCam?

Persons who have found it to work well for there hobby needs.

Persons who use it and want to support the work that went into its development to perpetuate future additions and improvements.


Who should not register KCam? (and not use it)

Persons who have found it does not work well for them or their hardware. Please try it first to make sure it suits your needs.

Persons who plan to use it for commercial functions or with hazardous equipment should choose other software.



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